Bontril 105mg


bontrilBontril is a diet pill that is very similar to amphetamines; it acts on your brain and nervous system in order to suppress appetite. There are two types of this pill, a regular pill and an extended release pill which resists dissolution for a longer period and as a result releases the drug for a longer period. Bontril is often prescribed for individuals that have had no luck with any conventional diet and exercise programs, or the cause of obesity has been determined to be an eating behavior problem with no hormonal or metabolic issues.

Bontril Tolerance

You should not use this drug longer than a three month period. This is because the body builds up a tolerance level to its effects, making it completely ineffective over a period of time. There is not enough study documentation encompassing the use of this product past a twelve week period.

How Bontril Works

Bontril works partly by elevating the blood pressure, because of this, one with a blood pressure problem already, should not be taking this drug, especially if that individual is on drugs specifically for that high blood pressure issue. If you have diabetes, you will want to let your doctor know, as your diabetes regimen may be altered to accommodate this medication, or you may be prescribed some other diet medication.


This drug is not meant for women that are pregnant, expect to become pregnant or naturally nursing. Individuals that are allergic to the sympathomimetics class of drugs should not take this medication. Someone suffering from hardening of the arteries, heart disease, hypertension, thyroid problems or glaucoma should not take this drug. Anyone that has a past history of drug or alcohol dependence or abuse, should not take this drug as it does have the potential for becoming addicted. Anyone that takes drugs that interact with the brain, heart or blood transport and liquidity systems should not take this drug as it may act to magnify the drug response and can also have an effect on the underlying issues. This drug is not meant for individuals under twelve years of age.

If you are under treatment with this medication, you should be re-evaluated at the end of a four week period, if your weight loss is not as expected or there are any other issues related to your ingesting this medication, your doctor may need to re-evaluate your case before continuing with your program.

Side Effects of Bontril

This drug can have the affect of dulling the senses and making an individual feel drowsy if not exhausted. Because of this, you should neither drive a vehicle or operate any dangerous machinery or anything else that might cause physical harm to you or anyone else. You should never increase your prescription amount without instruction from your doctor. High dosages can have multiple affects including extreme fatigue and mental depression. When stopping this medication it should be done in a slow process of taking less and less, this will decrease the amount and severity of any side effects caused by withdrawal.