Q: Are The Reviews Real?

A: Yes. All our reviews are submitted by site visitors who register and share their testimonials.


Q: Can I Request A Diet Pill To Add To The Site?

A: Sure! We welcome requests to add new diet pills. Send your request
to [email protected].


Q: How Do I Submit A Review?

A: Just visit the info page for any diet pill on our site. You’ll
see a form at the bottom left of the page. Fill out your name and
email, select a rating (1-5 stars) and take a minute to write in
your comments. Then just hit submit and you’re done!


Q: Is My Information Safe? Is It Private?

A: Your data is your data. The name you fill out is published on
our site, but the email address is always kept private. Please review
our privacy policy for further details.


Q: Can I Contact DietPillRating.com?

A: We are always happy to receive feedback from visitors like you.
You can email us at [email protected]
and we’ll generally respond within 24 hours.