Flat Six Pack Abs (abdominal muscles)

How To Get Flat 6-Pack Abs

Working the abdominal muscles is frustrating for a lot of people, because they think that all they can do are sit-ups or crunches and they dread the idea of those two exercises.

Abdominal Crunches

Crunches aren’t that bad when they are performed correctly, though, and they are very beneficial. Knee raises and leg raises are also helpful, because they work the lower abdominal muscles in a way that things like sit-ups don’t. If you incorporate leg raises, knee raises, and crunches into your routine you’ll see the difference in just a few weeks as your abdominal muscles will get stronger and you’ll look and feel better.

Benefits Of Strong Abs

Having strong core muscles (the abdominals and the back) will also help you have more stamina, better posture, and less chance of becoming injured while exercising or performing everyday activities. The crunches are the most important of the exercises for this purpose, and they should be done lying flat on your back. Bring your hands up near your ears and keep them there, bend your knees and put your feet flat on the floor, and raise your head two to three inches off the floor.

How To Do Crunches

When you do a crunch you should try to raise your head and your knees as though you’re trying to make them touch, hold that position for one second, and then return to your starting position, but keep your feet just off of the floor, because it keeps the tension on your abs. Do as many of these as you can, rest, and then do two more sets, each time doing as many crunches as you can and then resting briefly before beginning the next set.

How To Do Leg Raises

Leg raises are also very important, and leg raises should be done by lying flat on your back, arms stretched out over your head, bending your knees at about a 20 to 30 degree angle, and lifting both legs at the same time. They should be held one foot off of the floor for two seconds, lowered down to just a couple of inches off of the floor, held for one second, and re-raised. You should do this exercise for ten repetitions initially. Over time you’ll find that you’ll be able to increase how many reps you can do this for, and you should get a burning feeling in the abdominal muscles if you’re doing it correctly and getting enough reps in to actually be beneficial.

How To Do Knee Raises

Knee raises require a training bench for maximum benefit. Sit on the bench and extend your legs so that your body is at a 45 degree angle. Grasp the bench firmly and lift your knees toward your chest as far as you can. Hold for one second, lower your legs, and repeat until you can’t do any more of these. Rest briefly, then do another set. You should do three sets of these before stopping or moving on to another exercise.

If you do these three exercises consistently you’ll see better abs as well as some weight loss, and you’ll be happier with the way that you look and feel.