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Slimquick Cleanse Review

June 15, 2011

What is Slimquick Cleanse? Slimquick is fat-burning cleansing product formulated specifically for women. It is a result of ten years of clinical studies and research related to weight-loss. Slimquick Cleanse promises to boost m...


Acai Berry Select Review

June 4, 2011

How Does Acai Berry Select Work? The fruit of the acai palm tree is a staple dietary source for nutrition, protein, and fibre of some native tribes living in the Amazon. They also used the palm berries for many health-related i...



Cleansonix Review

May 24, 2011

How does Cleansonix Supplement Work? If you would like to improve your digestive health and at the same time shed the pounds off, Cleansonix can be of help. A road to a good and healthy living has to continue throughout the yea...


7 Day Detox Review

May 24, 2011

How does 7 Day Detox Work? Detoxification really helps the body. It has been used many years ago to bring back the body’s natural well being. It also removes toxins in the body like contaminants, chemicals and other envir...


Lemonade Diet Review

May 24, 2011

How does Lemonade Diet Work? Celebrities and other people who want to lose weight really quickly have been employing the Master Cleanse diet for several decades now. The Master Cleanse diet aims to give the digestive tract a sh...