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How does African Mango Work? The seed from this bush mango is processed to produce the extract that helps the body to achieve a fast and significant weight loss. • This diet product promises to help any person get rid of undesired weight by speeding up the metabolism rate. • It also claims to improve […]

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How does African Mango Work?
The seed from this bush mango is processed to produce the extract that helps the body to achieve a fast and significant weight loss.
• This diet product promises to help any person get rid of undesired weight by speeding up the metabolism rate.

• It also claims to improve the body cells’ nutrition absorption as well as eliminates unhealthy fat molecules by flushing it out of the system.

African Mango – Ingredient Highlights

1. Each African Mango capsule contains 150 mg of the seed extract. This is the component that promotes fat oxidation and raises the individual’s rate of metabolism encouraging the body to burn more calories.

2. Another active ingredient is chromium polynicotimate. Each capsule contains 75 mcg of the hunger-regulating element. Chromium is known to control the body’s glucose use and aids in balancing sugar levels in the bloodstream.

3. There is also 225 mcg of extract from green tea leaf. Sixty percent of this amount is composed of EGCG, an effective antioxidant source.

4. The next component is caffeine. The diet capsule contains 200 mg of this stimulant.

5. Lastly, African Mango contains 8 mg of L-Theanine. Combined with the stimulants, this ingredient helps reduce stress and improves the mood of the person.

Results You May Expect:

1. The extract from the Irvingiagabonensis is known to generate heat. This enables the body to burn more fat cells particularly in the belly area.

2. The other ingredients also aid in speeding up the body’s rate of metabolism. These benefits result to shedding of unwanted weight in a short period of time.

3. Additionally, a person taking the diet pill is also expected to experience better organ functions and a surge of energy as the toxic substances are flushed out from his body.

4. All in all, with weight loss, improved blow flow, and healthier organs, the consumer is expected to have a healthier body.

Side Effects to Watch Out for:

No reported side effects

The Verdict:
For people who have tried and failed in other diet programs, the African Mango diet capsule is something worth considering. The effect of the African Mango extract has been tested and proven to be safe and quite effective in promoting weight loss.

However, some studies and African Mango reviews also concluded that consumers have to take in at least 350 mg of the extract per day in order to see any significant results. This means a person has to take two or three capsules of African Mango a day before they can experience significant reduction in their belly fat.

• This means one has to pay over $50 a month to see sizeable results.

Even so, since the product also contains green tea extracts and caffeine, the body is provided with more stimulants to be able to perform more physical exertions causing it to burn more than normal amounts of calories.




    Lisa Andrews

    Without a doubt, African Mango is the best! I actually discovered it since our family doctor recommended it. I’ve just been using it for more than a month and it just really great that I’m already seeing some great results. Imagine, I lost more than 5 pounds already! I just love it when people will give out compliments like how slimmer I look now. It totally boosts up my confidence and it makes me feel more beautiful about myself. Since it also contains several anti-oxidants, it just a great feeling that it helps to cleanse my body internally. Well, it may be somehow pricey. But for me, it worth it anyway.

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    ricky wilson

    Being diagnosed with diabetes for three years now, I’ve been advised my doctors to control my food intake now and to check my sugar levels at a regular rate. As a part of my program, my doctors also gave me African Mango. At first, I was quite uncertain to use it. But after a month, I’ve noticed some improvements on my health condition. Not only that I lost some pounds, I realized that my blood glucose levels also dropped.

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    mikaela mariano

    Since I’ve been hearing a lot of great stuff about African Mango, I decided to try it. It was actually my last resort to shed some pounds since I was already getting frustrated with my body already. Weighing over 150 lbs, it was quite heavy for a girl like me who stands 5?1 and a half. So when I started using it, I must say that I kind of expected that it?ll provide me a drastic weight-loss. To my disappointment, it actually didn’t. Well, I did lose some weight but not to an extent that everyone will be surprised and amazed with the result. Since it also required an intake of two to three capsules per day, I must say that I’ve found this product to be very expensive. Since I knew that I won’t be able to afford this anymore in the long run, I just decided to change to a cheaper dietary supplement. But regardless of my experiences with this product, I still suggest this to some of my friends since I didn’t experience any side-effects when I used it. So far, all of my friends who decided to try and buy this product are still contented and satisfied with it.

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    African Mango is the best! I’ve used this for more than three months and the results? It was just great. I lost more than 20 lbs. I really never thought that it?d be able to do that. I have been disappointed with other diet pills before. However with this product, I guess nothing?s impossible at all.

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    Mr. Solidon

    I am already at my prime age. I am very cautious with my health lately, that why I tried the African Mango. Why this? Because it has no side effect and I am sharing my experience by telling it to you as well. My eating habit was not really good, but when I started taking up this pill, it suddenly occurred to me to change my eating lifestyle. I would really like to maintain a healthy diet and figure nowadays. From 200 pounds, which was indeed very heavy for me to carry as I age, I am now 175 pounds. The 25 pounds was a life changing experience for me in just 2 and half months of taking up this pill. I never thought I could do it. I almost lose hope in considering alternatives to make my physical condition better. But after trying this pill, it has provided me more energy and time for myself that I can do something if I really want things to happen. Now, I already know how to lose weight without putting my health at risk. So, if you think you deserve some chance to be fit again, don’t hesitate to try this one as well.

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    There are many conflicting comments on the Side Effects – which some may experience while others may not. Regardless of what any website says, if you have medical conditions, check with your phamacist or homeopath in order to determine if there are any contraindications.

    I have never tried it and can’t comment on its effectiveness.

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    I first heard about african mango a while back on the Dr. Oz show, (who hasn’t by now), anyway, I had tried other weight loss pills and sure I had seen results with most of them but there were always side effects like the jitters or feelings of just sheer weakness. The biggest problem I found was that when I would lose weight in the beginning but eventually, i would end up right back at the same weight or heavier when i would stop taking them. If you want to lose weight in the short term then that’s a great idea, but i wanted something that would help me train myself to eat less but be able to to provide me with the energy to get up and exercise. Well, I have tried several different brands of African Mango but the best one I’ve tried so far is one called African Mango Burn off Amazon. I’ve had the best results from it so far as well as shipping on it is ridiculously fast. In fact the only drawback I’ve found with it is that it has gone up in price since I began taking it. ‘m glad it works, but I wish the company would put a price freeze on it or something.

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    I have a question. I have been taking African Mango for 3 and a half weeks. What am I doing wrong? I take it one hour before breakfast and dinner. I haven’t lost any weight as yet and am wondering if it would be okay to take two at a time? I see that everyone loses from product. Is it too early to tell? I still believe in it just wondering how long it takes….

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