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How does Colonetrix Work? An average person can have as much as 20 pounds of stored waste matter inside his or her colon. There have been numerous clinical studies about the negative effects of toxic deposits in the system. All of them conclude that this build up leads to a host of health problems like […]

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How does Colonetrix Work?
An average person can have as much as 20 pounds of stored waste matter inside his or her colon. There have been numerous clinical studies about the negative effects of toxic deposits in the system. All of them conclude that this build up leads to a host of health problems like headaches, hypertension, constipation, flatulence, skin problems, chronic fatigue and the great difficulty of reducing weight.

The makers of Colonetix came up with a great soltion to this problem.

Colonetix is a cleansing system formulated to do two things: remove all the toxins from the colon, and revitalize the organs and restore important nutrients in the body. It is a two-part detoxifying program that promises to flush out the wastes and aid people in their battle to lose weight.

Can Colonetix live up to its own hype? Let’s do a realistic Colonetix Review and find out!

Ingredients Highlights
The initial stage of this cleansing system is made up of:

  • Oatvantage
  • Psyllium
  • Viscofiber
  • Corowise
  • Litesse
  • Fibersol-2
  • VitaBerry
  • Probiotics
  • Vitaveggie
  • Linumlife
  • Hardistrain

Oatvantage is a soluble fiber made from oats.

Viscofiber is another component that is designed to address diarrhea and regulate bowel movement. It is made from oat soluble fiber and barley.

Corowise is a liver-cleanser and cholesterol-reducer made from plant extracts. Litesse regulates the intestinal microflora balance and reduces digestive disorders. It is a special form of carbohydrate.

Fibersol-2 is the ingredient that gets rid of the parasites in the digestive system.

LinumLife is a lignans-rich flax ingredient that is added to improve skin disorders and promote prostate health.

Vitaveggie is a mix of broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, kale, onions, Brussels sprouts, and spinach. It has high nutrinal value that supports good health.

The antioxidant properties of the supplement are provided by VitaBerry, a blend made from fruit extracts and powders.

Hardistrain is another component that promotes digestive system health. It neutralizes harmful effects of free radicals and bacteria in the digestive system.Psyllium is in charge of lubricating the intestines so that toxins and wastes can pass easier.

The second phase of the cleansing system is considered as the body purifier. It is comprised of vitamins C and E. It also has magnesium oxide which helps provide minerals for the digestive system. It also contains Lactobacillus Acidophilus which is a component that reduces yeast infection and boosts immunity. To counter bloating and other gastrointestinal problems, they added dandelion root and cranberry xtract. Its Uvaursi content is for fighting urinary tract problems by stimulating the bladder and kidneys. For weight loss properties, the supplement contains extracts from the acai berry and pomegranate. Finally, to act as a liver tonicm milk thistle has been added into the mix.

Results You May Expect:
After undergoing two stages of the cleansing process, the consumer expects to see some weight-loss. As mentioned in most Colonetrix reviews, this claim has been proven to be true. Because the supplement stripped the colon of wastes that have been deposited, a significant loss of five to twenty pounds is normal. Besides the weight benefits, anybody taking the supplement would also feel healthier because other issues related to toxins has already been addressed. Since the poison which is slowly damaging the body has already been eliminated, the person will feel more energetic, have better skin condition, and experience well-functioning internal organs that contribute to a person?s sense of well-being. In a particular review, the person who tried the product out was so happy that he doesn’t feel constipated anymore. Other results to be expected are: improved mental alertness, better quality of sleep, and regular bowel movements.

Side Effects to Watch Out for:
? Can cause mild abdominal pains and diarrhea

The Verdict
Is Colonetix worth a try? Colonetix is a great product to use should you wish to rid your body of toxins and if you want to improve your body’s digestive functions and metabolism. The weight-loss is simply an added benefit of the detoxifying process. The company selling the product has been proven to have great customer service and they reply to emails within an hour. The product itself only costs around $40 dollars for two months-worth of pills. The company doesn’t offer any free trial but it does have a proven money-back guarantee.




    gabbie ruiz

    Colonetix is a great product. I like this one since I was able to shed out more than 5 kilos in just three weeks. Well, the result was unbelievable. My friends were quite astounded because the improvements were great and fast. My money is truly worth it all in all!

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    Colonetix is very amazing because it truly delivers what it had promised. I’ve never thought that I?d be able to lose weight because it was one of my most impossible dreams. Coming from a family with large weight issues, I didn’t ever think that I?ll be able to lose much weight. Most of my relatives have been asking me what I did to lose all the fat. I just told them to purchase Colonetix. However, I warned them because it can cause some temporary diarrhea.

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    chubby bunny

    My cousin was hesitant at first to use this Colonetix. She has always been eager to lose weight ever since someone called her ?fatty patty?. I could see that she was very affected with it. It was a good thing that my officemate told me about this product. I told her that it was safe for her. For two months, she took this pill religiously and combined it with the right diet and exercise. Just in time for the prom, all of her classmates were very astounded and impressed. All thanks to Colonetix.

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    lizzy hughes

    One may think that diet pills aren’t effective at all. Since there?s lots of disappointing news which have been released by the media, there are some people who are already doubtful because of it. Well, there are also numerous side-effects which can make anyone hesitant at all. Since there are side-effects which can make anyone palpitate, jittery, and anxious, it can surely bring some health risks that are quite really scary. For me, I think Colonetix is quite a promising product. Out of all the diet pills that I’ve tried before, this is the only one that seemed to work. I have wasted a lot of money before but with this one, I personally think that it the kind of product that can give value to your money. Using it for more than two months, I lost more than 25 lbs right away. It was very remarkable. Well, this product is truly amazing but it has some minor side effects like stomach cramps and diarrhea. At first, it was quite difficult for me to deal with it. But after a month of adjusting, it was a great thing that my body was able to adapt with the pill.

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