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Hydroxycut Review What is Hydroxycut? Hydroxycut is a weight-loss supplement made of patent-protected components that promises to increase your level of energy, boost your calorie-burning rate, and ultimately support any weight loss plans. This diet supplement first came out in the late 90?s and immediately became huge in the weight-loss products arena. Unfortunately, after discovering […]

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Hydroxycut Review

What is Hydroxycut?

Hydroxycut is a weight-loss supplement made of patent-protected components that promises to increase your level of energy, boost your calorie-burning rate, and ultimately support any weight loss plans. This diet supplement first came out in the late 90?s and immediately became huge in the weight-loss products arena. Unfortunately, after discovering the negative and even fatal effects of ephedra, a component in Hydroxycut original formulation, the diet supplement has been recalled. After months of reformulation, the new Hydroxycut came out. Years went by before consumers began filing cases against the manufacturer claiming that the product caused liver damage. The company voluntarily recalled their product and reformulated once more. The new mix now claims not only weight-loss benefits but also muscle building features as well as toxin cleansers and digestion aids.

Can Hydroxycut Pill live up to its own hype?

Let’s do some Pill Review!

Ingredients Highlights
The diet supplement has three main ingredients, the first being GarciniaCambogia. This ingredient has two functions: inhibiting the need and desire to eat and suppresses lipid synthesis. The product also contains green tea extracts that provides the consumers with caffeine, which delivers sudden energy boosts, and EGCG, an antioxidant. Green tea is also known to promote thermo-genesis in the body, creating heat that burns more calories. Hydroxycut also contains GymnemaSylvestre. Known for its anti-diabetic qualities, this component inhibits sugar cravings.

Results You May Expect:
Looking at the ingredients, one should expect that the diet supplement will cause a significant decrease in one?s weight. It promises to increase one?s metabolism. This means that the body expends more calories and breaks down fat faster. Additionally, because of the GarciniaCambogia, fat should pass through the system without being stored. Several Hydroxycut reviews also claim that users experienced significant increase in energy levels allowing them to perform higher-intensity workouts without feeling worn out.

Side Effects to Watch Out for:
? Increase in blood pressure
? Elevated heart rate
? Head-ache, dizziness, or lightheadedness
? Insomnia
? Restlessness or feeling of anxiety
? Blurry Vision
? Acne break outs
? Nose bleeds

The Verdict:

Is HHydroxycut worth a try? If one will base his or her opinion about Hydroxycut on its history, trying out the supplement might appear very risky. Upon seeing the list of side effects, the hesitation increases. Many online Hydroxycut reviews appear negative, claiming that the weight lost while using the product is not worth suffering through the harmful side effects. Additionally, upon checking the manufacturer?s website, using the product has so many restrictions. It cannot be used if the person has been treated for or has a family history of diabetes, liver or kidney disease, cardiovascular complications, is currently using over-the-counter or prescription drugs, and so much more. It cannot be combined with other products that contain caffeine such as colas, teas, or coffee. Since there are a lot of other diet supplements out there, it may be smarter to consider the alternatives rather than risk using Hydroxycut.




    janine anthony

    Wow, are those the side-effects for real? I mean, my friend recommended me to use this one but she never mentioned anything about any side-effect so I really thought that it was safe. But if these things are the actual side effects, I guess I won’t try it anymore. For sure, I?ll be able to find a better one. Besides, it quite risky. I could still deal with weight issues anyway. I?d rather have the curves than suffer.

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    bianca f

    Using Hydroxycut was quite a bad move for me. At first, I was so excited about it. But since I wasn’t quite aware of the drawbacks, I still used it. After three days, I started feeling something eerie within my system. I started feeling some palpitations. It was also getting harder and harder for me to rest and sleep. Since I was already getting uncomfortable with it, I decided to stop. Piece of advice: Don’t let your desire to lose weight overwhelm you because your health might be put into danger. Take it from me; I’ve never used anything anymore after Hydroxycut. I just resorted to working out and eventually, I lost weight healthily.

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    Based on my personal experience, I won’t really recommend this one. In terms of efficacy, it truly helped me to drop off some pounds. In fact, I lost more than ten pounds within two weeks. I never thought that it?d be possible but this dietary supplement totally gave me that chance. But all in all, I wasn’t happy with this. After a couple of weeks, I decided to stop using it because I was already experiencing several side-effects. I couldn’t concentrate on my work properly because I?d feel jittery and my heart will just palpitate suddenly. It also triggered my insomnia. My workmates were all asking me if I was okay because according to them, I looked haggard and stressed. Initially, I did expect Hydroxycut can give me my dream body. But after experiencing these things, I just couldn’t take it anymore. This one also triggered an acne breakout. Seriously, I didn’t know where the zits came from. But ever since I started using this product, there were pimples all over my face. It was totally hideous. And right now, I still have some on my face. Well, I really don’t wanna get slimmer anymore. I just want to have a flawless-looking face once again. Oh well.

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    I don’t wanna use Hydroxycut anymore. It has too many side-effects that I couldn’t deal with anymore. I’m super uncomfortable whenever I’m at work. My boss would even notice it so just imagine my embarrassment! If you’re willing to experience some adverse effects like restlessness and high blood pressure, I think you can tolerate using this product. But if not, just try to look for another one.

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    When I heard about Hydroxycut, I was excited to purchase one, but when I heard that it contains ephedra, I doubted the product due to some health issues revealed by FDA. I was able to buy a bottle and started using it for fifteen days, before I read about the news. I felt that my body seems to adjust with the pill. I felt that my metabolism started to increase and by that, I sweat a lot. I did take the same amount of food but I felt a little dizzy every time I work out. Maybe that the side effect of ingesting the pill. I did not finish consuming the bottle, but I did shed 2 pounds. It was a good try though, but I am not sure whether this pill is really effective. I just ensured my own health and not to take further risk for myself. No worries, because it actually offers a money back guarantee.

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    Heather C

    I honestly love this product. I have been using it for almost 5 months now and have lost 84 lbs!!!!

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    I am 34 years old, and pretty healthy. I took this product as directed,( drank seriously alot of water, and ate with it) for 1 day and was hospitalized in a Neurology Intensive care ward for having a minor stroke. I only needed 2 lose 10 pounds so weight was not a factor. My best friend discontinued use immediately and I would not recommend this product.

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