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Editors’ Rating: 3.7/5 Average User Rating: 4.1/5 The good: Green tea is proven to help increase your metabolism, therefore possibly burning fat faster than normal. The bad: The effectiveness of the other ingredients is not proven. The bottom line: There are better deals on green tea pills out there. Just check WalMart for something cheaper. […]

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Here's Why...
Editors’ Rating: 3.7/5
Average User Rating: 4.1/5

The good: Green tea is proven to help increase your metabolism, therefore possibly burning fat faster than normal.

The bad: The effectiveness of the other ingredients is not proven.

The bottom line: There are better deals on green tea pills out there. Just check WalMart for something cheaper.

Average Price: $14.95 – Click Here To Order

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mega-t green tea Mega-T Green Tea has become quite a rage recently with their proclamation of ?Lose up to 20 lbs*? described on the package of Mega-T Green Tea. Irrespective of its packaging which appears much like a cold medicine, Mega-T Green Tea is just an average diet pill.

Ingredients of Mega-T Green Tea

Mega-T Green Tea is made up of the below mentioned ingredients:

  • Green Tea ? the main ingredient of Mega-T Green Tea is green tea. It is one of the few effectual ingredients of diet pills. There is enough research to prove that it helps to increase the body’s metabolic rate. However, the dosage of green tea present in Mega-T Green Tea is not adequate to give substantial benefits of weight loss.
  • Chromium ? studies are not clear as to the effectiveness of Chromium and there are two conflicting contentions regarding it effectiveness. The main use of Chromium is that it helps regulate blood sugar levels that can aid manage weight problems. If you choose Chromiun then it is better to go in for the patented formulation ChromeMate, which is used in products like Anoretix.
  • Garcinia Cambogia ?it is effective for weight loss if it is had in the right amounts. An active ingredient of Garcinia Camogia, Super Citrimax is an HCA and is responsible for Garcinia Camogia?s weight loss properties. It is beneficial to add other components when using the HCA as it is only an extract and you can obtain better results by doing so.
  • Guarana ? though by itself it is not very effective but when blended with Yerba Mate and Damiana it gives great results. However, Mega-T Green Tea does not have Yerba Mate and Damiana. This may be eliminated to remain ?less expensive? as far as the composition of the formula goes.
    Eleuthero, Bladderwrack, Fo-Ti and Gotu Kola are there mainly for increasing the attraction quotient.

Claims made by Mega-T Green Tea

The ?Lose up to 20 lbs? claim comes with a standard disclaimer that ‘results may vary for person to person.? Though it is mentioned ?up to?, most of the consumers tend to focus more on the 20 lbs part. This seems like an attractive prospect to them and land up buying some Mega-T Green Tea. Even though it is not explicitly stated, Mega-T Green Tea?s contention can be constructed to be correct if the user ends up losing just a pound or two.

The claim that ?Green Tea: Curb appetite to improve fat metabolism? is false. Green Tea does not control your appetite, it increases the body’s metabolism rate that help to burn more calories.

How Much Does It Cost?

The average cost of Mega-T Green Tea is $14.95, though we have seen it for $39 and even $50 markup. There’s no reason for those high prices. according to their price list. Click here to order Mega-T Green Tea (FREE shipping available on certain orders)

The Bottom Line about Mega-T Green Tea

Mega-T Green Tea does not contain a large quantity of green tea, has a little bit of garcinia cambogia though not in Super Citrimax form, and guarana without the Yerba Mate and Damiana. On the whole Mega-T Green Tea is effective for normal weight loss, but for men getting that ‘ripped’ look, it will take some more serious fat burners. Mega-T Green Tea is a convenient way to burn fat and intake healthy antioxidants. It does something simple and does it well. That’s all.

Tip: Phentramin-d Boosts Energy And Controls Hunger

No diet pill is perfect or magical, but Phentramin-d works pretty well if you want to stop feeling hungry all the time or craving your favorite ‘cheat’ foods. Plus, since it’s formulated to work like Phentermine it boosts energy and mood.

Editor and customer reviews place Phentramin-d at #1 Diet Pill on this site and many others. Give it a try – they’re a small company with great customer service if you ever need to give them a call.




    Matt Jolly

    I have just started the Mega T green t pills so I can’t give a review but I will say that Wal-Marts price is 19.99 not the $36 and yes it is the real deal and no it’s not a sale price.

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    I was on the mega green tea pill for a bout 3 weeks and i losta about 15 pounds. It worked for me!

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    I used this product for about 3 weeks with diet very little exercise..and lost 12pounds.

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    I used this product for about 3 week’s with very little exercise,and lost 12 pounds.

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    For the last 9 months I have not fit into my pants. I purchased MEGA-T pills from Wal-mart. Within 2 pills I fit into my pants… ALL OF THEM. Even the slim ones. I had asked my pharmacist about the ingredients in 3 leading brand diet pills currently advertised on tv,trim spa, some other popular one and some liquid stuff that was from the african desert, (Not hoodia, some other unheard of stuff) and the pharmacist said the only effective ingredient was chromium. It was great! The entire time I took 2 Mega-T pills seperately per day. However, the day after I ran out, I no longer fit in my pants… so, yes they work… whatever the combo is it works.

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    PS… I did NO exercise, and ate my regular stuff… pizza, burgers, reeses, cheese/crackers, whatever I wanted as usual, (I eat candy all day and cake with extra frosting or icecream with extra carmel and whip cream for snacks) and still dropped at LEAST a couple inches (from size 5 to 1 & 3)to fit into my pants… comfortably. I don’t wear snug clothing, so I would say there is a winning combo in these pills, and the mega-t company should pay me for promoting it! =)lol

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    does this product contain caffiene?

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    Erin M

    I bought the same kind of pills from walgreens for about $6… i excersize regularly and noticed ive been loosing weight a little faster and have a little more energy since i started taking these. I also noticed i feel slightly more refreshed and.. i dunno, healthy, i guess…

    but really, check the walgreens website, you can order the same ones on there for a lot cheaper.

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    stephanie e

    I really don’t think it’s worth the money. People with success stories probably don’t consider the fact that they are working out more and that’s probably why they’re losing weight. I’ve rarely used the pills and with working out and eating healthier I’ve lost 10 lbs in just over a week. Save your money. Working out will give you the energy you need to keep it up.

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    I got a 15 day supply for 3.99 at target…just started so can’t rate yet, but thought i’d let everyone know if they want to just trial it, they don’t have to spend that much…

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    Walmart is 9.99 not 19.99 not 34.99! I can’t say that I have been loosing weight from the pills but I still like them.

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    hey, well i did lose a few pounds, but i had a bad sideffect. Rapid heart beat an a little shortness of breath. I did work out like and i did eat a LITTLE better and it did work. I mean i dont think everyone is going to have bad sideffects but i did. So thats my review.

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    i lost 5 pounds in less than a week taking mega T. and i also walk and run so yeah it works but you need to also get your excersise for the people who its not working for youre not doing it right.

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    I tried using these. At first they worked and I felt really full all the time, didn’t even /want/ to eat. However, after a week and a half or so, they wore off and were no longer effective. I gained weight back. ):

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    David S Sklar

    I haven’t tried it yet, but the cost @ Walmart was 9.92 for thirty tablets, not $36.00 that I read above.

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    Just purchased from Wal-Mart.$4.00 per package.

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    TERRIBLE. At first I thought it was working but it was all in my head. I also excersised at least 4 times a week and I think I gained a pound. I spent about _$14 at rite aid. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS PILL. I might as well have gotten a meal at Wendys for the money I wasted on this 🙁

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    Janet Fox

    My daughter just got out of the hospital after taking mega tea diet pills. She took one bottle with 45 pills twice a day & had started on another bottle, when she started feeling bad, for four days got up one morning & she was very jaundiced, was hospitalized for a total of six days, after alot of blood work & testing the mega pill was the cause of her problem. She is now recovering & should be ok in about two months after the yellow coloring has left her….please do not take these pills or any diet pills its not worth it….

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    you can buy that at walmart for $9-$14 for 90 pills. Don’t know where you people are buying yours at $36 a bottle.

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    I started taking this product about a month ago. I lost 5 pounds and gained it back. Also they make you stopped up, what I mean is you can’t use the bathroom regularly. They didn’t work for me I suggest another product not these pills.

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    I bought the mega t green tea pills from walmart for $4 for a 15 day supply.I took my first pill this morning with a glass of water.And had my breakfast after half n hour.Since then I have been having pain in my right arm.Has anyone else experienced that?

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    phyllis keip

    Where in Canada can Mega Green Tea be
    purchased? I checked 2 Walmarts and had

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    well i have a problem over eating even when i am not hungry. i eat just because the food is there. the mega-t helps me feel way to full to eat more than i need. it gives me the energy to get up and exercize. the only side effect is it gives me is a headach.

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    If you want a majic pill that works by itself , trhen it doesn’t work ,but if you want something that will help you to be less hungry and with more energy so you can do your part(exercise and healthy eating) Then this is the best! People , majic potions don’t exist , you have to do your part too!!!

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    Genevieve Kosanke

    I don’t know where they bought the mega T with hoodia for $36 but I bought a box of it at Wal Mart for $4.00. I am going to try it, after all, $4.00 is worth a try for me.

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    i started takin these twodays ago an i lost 3 pounds! i workout and walk and eat healthy.

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    A Reilly

    I was reading these reviews and was quite surprised.
    I have been taking this Mega-T green tea for about 2 weeks.
    I am a 38 year old women and have already lost 50 lbs but that was on my own no green tea pills…but now I’ve plateaued and just needed that little extra push and I have lost 8 lbs so far since starting with the green tea says on the box” with proper diet and exercise” you can loose the weight.
    Its not a miracle pill but its helping me get to my goal.
    I have not been on a regimented fitness routine, just making sure I’m more active and not sitting on my butt and watching what I eat.
    so Mega-T green tea gets a two thumbs up from me.
    good luck ladies!!!

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    I Just started taking [email protected] point I have nothing bad too say..I mean they make me feel full I paid 7 bucks for a 15day supply…and I walk on a regular im ony trying too loose like ten-pds so thats not hard cause i dont eat meat..just a lotta junk food&it do curb my sweet tooth so we’ll see..mabey it don’t work for very over weight peepz…we should do before&after picz real picz…will keep ya posted…OH YEAH IM NOT A PAID ACTRESS(LOL)….

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    I stated using this product one month ago and I am down 15 lbs. I did begin to eat healthier meals 5 small meals per day and began to walk 3-5 times per day about 40 minutes. No side effects. I only take one pill a day.

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    the worst thing i ever bought, i bought 4 packs for 20 bucks and absolutely nothing i didnt feel anything i even took like 6 a day because i just wanted to get rid of them and still nothing, no fat loss, thermagenic effect, nothing,i think it was the poor absorbtion, tablets suck at being absorbed because i tried Green Tea Fat Burner and had great results

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    J WMS

    First, if your looking for a miracle I suggest you get in contact with the Creator. You’ve got to be willing do some work. Green tea will increase your metabolism (which was my problem) and decrease your appetite. However, I tried Mega but reverted back to my regular less expensive green tea extract caps and pure green tea I pick up in a China Town restaurant (Wash.,DC). I am a strong believer in green tea. The thing you have to do is cut down or eliminate fat, sugar, and dairy products. I would also suggest a soy protein based diet. It worked for me. I’ve lost 45 lbs. in seven months and reduced my body fat from 22% to 9%, wish I could post a before and after pic. I look incredible!!! Live healthy, live long and prosper.

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    The speedy heart rate happened the first day i tried it but never again. i figured it was because im not a coffee or pop drinker so caffeine affects me pretty easily

    i was dieting and exercising regularly before taking the pill, and i kept the same plan after taking the pill. i didnt lose any weight in the first 2 weeks.

    so i decided to exercise even more regularly and i lost about 5 lbs in a month. i thought possibly my exercise plan had made me lose the weight and not the pill.

    so i stopped taking the pill a couple days ago. i havent gained any weight. it doesnt seem the pill helped curb my hunger or anything.

    i read somewhere a lady lost 35 lbs on this pill. maybe it works for some people but all im saying is it didnt work for me.

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    Dan Goncena

    Mega-T Green Tea made my penis small…

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    M. Massey

    I have been taking Mega-T for close to 2 weeks now and my appetite has shown no slow down. I eat yogurts and cottage cheese which I love but I’m eating them constantly all day. Its like I don’t give my self a break in between which I was hoping the mega-t would curb my appetite. It didn’t.I go up and down staris all day long plus exercise plus still eating all day , still stayingthe same weight.

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    I have been taking this pill for 4 days now. I feel much better, have more energy and am motivated. I drink about a gallon of water a day, But I always have. I feel like my appetite has been cuvred. I don’t seem to crave Junk Food as much as I use to. I think the key is to drink a galss of water with every meal and to take the pill after you eat, than you wont snack. That was my biggest problem. Good Luck!

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    it doesnt work!!

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    I was running a 5k five days a week. I still could not lose the last 15 pounds from my pregnancy. I had worked on this last 15 pounds for a year. I decided to try out the Green Tea supplement. I have lost 13 pounds since I first tried it. Also, my Green T only cost 8 dollars and not 36$. I still ate healthily and exercised (changing up my workouts), but maybe this pill helped too. Can’t say for sure…but it might be worth a try.

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    Bre A

    didn’t work at all even with exercise!

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    I used Mega-T with Hoodia and later started having heart palpitations. I am convinced this product caused those symptoms. Tests showed no problem with my heart. I found out later it has caffeine, which I think should be listed somewhere. Never again…I’m not ever doing that again.

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    Paige Conner

    This is dumb. I think that Mega- T green tea works for certain people, I might be wrong but…It might just depend on how often you exercise and how long you waste sitting on your butt. I used Mega- T green tea but it didn’t work for me. I don’t recommend this product for anyone, unless you have a schedule and your constantly active. Also when you use the mega-T green tea you might want to watch what you eat because that’s what I think I did wrong when i was using it.

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    just starting them tonite so i will let you all know!!!

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    Scott G

    I bought 15 day supply at Walmart for $4.00. So will give it a try. Now caims to contain Acai extract. Box also mentions 50mg of caffeine for each tablet. Will let you know what results I acheive.

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    After taking the pills for just 2 days I started to have terrible headaches.
    No way I’m putting that in my mouth again!

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    I only pay $6.00 for mjy months supply of green tea at Giant Narket and it works tremendously well. It’s the cheapest remedy and one of the best!!!!!

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    does anyone know if you are to take the pill before or after eating?

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    Well, so far so good! I run/walk on my treadmill 5 days a week, plus I do other types of cardio. Since taking the supplement twice a day with tons of water, it has curbed my appetite a bit, and has given me a little more energy. My goal weight loss is 20lbs ( baby weight ) and to take it off for GOOD!! I have made my workout routine a PERMANENT fixture in my life.

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    I’m starting it today and i will let you all know how my experience with this product goes in a weekly journal post.

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    Ashley Cravey

    I like it, just started using it though. Plus i got mine at walmart for $4.

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    Karen Eckhout

    I took one tablet for two days with plenty of liquid just in case. I am quite a healthy person but wanted to kickstart some weight loss after the festive season. Well, I have been quite ill for almost five days now with chronic bloating, side pains and a toxic sort of pain affecting all of the muscles I have been trying to stretch and tone through exercise. I have been drained, sweaty and can only eat small amounts of food lest I am in severe abdominal pain. And, of course, good old Diarrhea Deluxe. Does this Mega-T contain hydroxycut??
    Have I damaged myself for good by taking this stuff?

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    STudent M

    before starting mega t, i weighed 210 lbs. I started taking this in March 2009 and stopped in september 2009. In that span i was able to bring my weight down to 150. This product helped me lose weight, and along with motivation to workout, i am in the best shape of my life.

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    I GOT MINE FOR $8 for a month supply. I’m diabetic, i lost some wait but it made my blood sugars lower. It supposed to help u lose wait not look like a model. And you should always check your blood pressure before trying. And 6lbs a month is good for me.

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    I have been taking Mega-T Green tea for some time,now I didn’t follow the exercise program or watch what I ate..but I did drop a few pounds and maintained. I didn’t care about that, what I found was that it helped with my Chronic Hives!!!!I took it with food and I didn’t have a break out..not like I normally do anyway…I was at Sam’s today,for this is were I purchased the product,and they no longer carry just the green tea/white tea…they have green tea with hoodia and acai so I tried it and had a bad reaction. Just looking for what I know that works.

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    ive been taking MegaT for a week
    all ihave been doing is taking it && using a hula hoop twice a day
    Iwent frm 161.5 to 153.5 in less then a week
    Ibought it a walgreens for only 7$
    idont recommend taking two at a time
    if yu miss one its okay because when yu take two at a time
    yu will vomit but other then that ihave no side effects at all
    curbs my appetite which ilove
    doesnt make me sick
    && ive lost an extreme amount of weight in a short amount of time
    ithink on the 5 day of trying it ihad already lost 8 lbz
    ilove it && would recommend it to anyone
    ilook && feel phenomenal
    && the price is wrong
    go to walgreens iots extremely cheap there
    && they have all kinds of megaT

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    Just bought it and can’t say if it’s any good yet. However, this site and another I checked both claim that it’s use of Guarana is not very effective because it lacks Yerba Mate and Damiana (4th point under the ingredient list). I’m looking at the bottle and it specifically says Guarana seed extract and Yerba Mate leaf.
    This error makes the entire review here suspect and now I wonder if this isn’t justly a thinly veiled ad for someone else’s products.
    Oh, and I bought the 90 day bottle from Sam’s for under $13.00 – Not the $36.00 claimed here….

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    I just looked at the customer reviews on Mega T and all of the entry shows dates from 9.26.2010 to 12.31.2011.

    I viewed these on 6.2.2010. So are these legitimate reviews.

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    I just got these pills 3 days ago at Walgreens, where they cost about $17.00. I have taken them as directed and haven’t yet noticed a difference in my weight, which is perfectly understandable seeing as I have only taken them for 3 days. But what I do like about them, actually, what I LOVE about them is that I no longer have the desire to snack every hour. The very first pill I took made an immediate difference in my food cravings. I don’t know that this result is typical, but I, for one, thoroughly enjoy the fact I am not being plagued by constant hunger. So this product gets a 3 -4 star rating. If I notice a significant difference in my weight loss it will be bumped up to 5 stars. I’m not saying these pills are perfect. I’m not saying they are for everyone. But for me they seem to work.

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    I used Mega T Green Tea Pills and lost 150 Lbs. in 5 months, it took my 5 years to gain 20 lbs back after I stopped thaking the Mega T. I started again 4 weeks ago and lost 12 lbs already 🙂

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    I used Mega T Green Tea Pills and lost 150 Lbs. in 5 months, it took my 5 years to gain 20 lbs back after I stopped thaking the Mega T. I started again 4 weeks ago and lost 12 lbs already
    OHH!!! Change my Rating to a 5 !!!

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    I have been on Mega-T green tea for about one year…I have lost 95pounds

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    This is not a miracle pill people!! It is something to give you a little kick to get off your butt and get active. Nothing drastic, but it takes willpower for you to exercise, even extra cleaning or playing with the kids!!

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    Theresa McLamb

    All it has done for me is cause diarrhea pretty bad after taking it only 2 days. What a waste of money!!!

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    I bought it just today and the pills were only 10 bucks for 120 of them. I just started it and i think that if you take them along with following the diet and exercise plan, you can lose the weight. I think that’s how it is with all diet pills. we’ll just see how it goes, in a couple months.

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    Lucy S. Graymountain

    I like to see how Mega T-tea works.

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    more info about the product,

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    I Just Bought The Pills Today. I hope they work. i weigh 215 and i am a teenager…. i have been trying to loose weight for months and nothing is working. i am starting these tomorrow morning and i just want to know, How much weight are people loosing and in how ling of a time period???

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    im taking mega t green t. but i stop cause i thought it wouldnt going help but ima start back taking it today.

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    Look, people who are claiming that they can eat whatever they want and still fit into pants are basically using this product as a diuretic. It’s all water weight. I’ve been on the product since 1/1/11 and as of the writing of this review I’ve lost 26 pounds. However, here is how I used it:

    Only took once a day to avoid the jitters from 2 doses of caffeine. I also cut out a lot of processed foods, particularly those high in sugar and/or white bleached flour. In the first week I lost 7 pounds. I began working out 3 times a week at 25-35 minute intervals. I averaged 3 pounds per week for the next 3 weeks. Since then I’ve continued to monitor what I eat, do light to moderate workouts 3 times a week and take Mega T daily. I’m now averaging 1-2 pounds a week of weight loss.

    Oh by the way, I’m under care of a physician who’s been monitoring me and given great advice. The bottom line is that this product is not a permanent weight loss solution. It’s a great way to kick start you but if you’re going to keep it off you need a lifestyle change. Good luck!!!

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    I have found that following the instructions, drinking a full glass of water and eating a sinple meal like a bagel and then taking the pill, I stay full for hours on end. Then on top of walking at least a mile a day (thats it) and for lunch or dinner, eating healthier options, I found that this 5.00 claim was true, and works at least for me! I hadnt seen a friend in a week and after that week she came out of nowhere and said how much thinner I had gotten 🙂

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    salma khan

    OMG.. please don’t ever take these pills, worse thing you could ever do to your health.. After one pill I got Diarrhoea,nearly died when I tried to run a mile, been feeling faint and my hearts been beating fast. I havnt got one good thing to say about these pills sorry. Its not worth ruining your health for the sake of losing a few pounds -which u will gain back as soon as u stop taking the pills!! 12 hours later and I still have chest pains.
    P.s I don’t have any underlying problems I’m 146ibs (10 stone 6) and 5 foot not overweight as such..

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    I lost 30 ibs in a month. it really does work. 🙂

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    Im not sure yet, I’ve just started, but I am noticing I ahve dry mouth all now

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    I have been on it for about 12 days and I ahve nlost about 3 pounds but I have have severe dry mouth…has anyone else experience that? email [email protected]

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    I started taking these pills, and they are amazing! It’s been 6 days, and I’m impressed. I have a lot of energy and it doesnt take much to make me full. I’m 16, and have lost 6 pounds, so essentially I’m losing a pound a day well worth it for 4.00 dollars at walmart!

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    Not sure if it works yet. Will start it soon

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    I just started taking these pills. I eat healthy (no bread, soda, candy/dessert, or chips and other unhealthy snacks) and workout two hours everyday because I’m a softball player. I wanted to take these pills to get into even more shape. For those people who are complaining that it’s not working its probably because you dont eat well or exercise regularly. You have to treat your body well in order to get optimum results. I’l keep you posted on me results! (p.s. for those of you who are spending over $30 bucks for this, I got it from Walgreens for $4)

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    If you want to lose a good amount of weight i lost 30 lbs with the P90X Diet alone not including the exercises, Damn, Once you figure out what you can eat and make it tasty although some of their meals are freakin good you wont regret it.I think i’ll try the green tea with it to speed up my metabolism even faster.:) Good luck.

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    i just bought these pills today and what got me wanting to go on a diet is my sister, im only 16 and she told me i need to lose weight. and i only weight 125 and im in track and we have hard workouts so i hope these work!

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    With this pill you HAVE to exercise at least 4 times a week and eat healthy or else you wont get results. If you do all of that then you will probably lose about 4 pounds a week. It does work trust me because iv used it. Cut back on breads, chips, and candy. Drink a lot of water.

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    I just started this product today. I know it’s early and everything but I feel like it works. I don’t know if it’s just a placebo effect or if it’s actually working, and honestly I don’t care! I am the kind of person that is ALWAYS hungry and constantly snacking, and today I didn’t have that desire at all. I ate less at my meals simply because I wasn’t that hungry and I didn’t snack at all throughout the day, both of which are very unlikely. I also felt happier and more energetic throughout the day, again could be a placebo effect or just my mood today, but hopefully not!
    So far I’m loving it and hopefully this keeps up!

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    I’ve only been taking this pills for about 3 days. Although it hasn’t killed my appetite completly, it has calmed it down. One thing I absolutly LOVE about this pills is that they give me the energy I did not have anymore. I’m actually able to work out without feeling tired right away! 🙂

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    gonna start my pills today. ill update

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    I purchased my Mega T Green Tea w/Acai Berry last night at Target for $5. I hope that it works for me! I had been exercising 5 days weekly for 90 days..then stopped for a month. Yesterday I began to work out again. My goal is to loose 15-20lbs and about 7 inches off of my body! I hope this works

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    All my life I have been chubby and in 22 now….I always tried to lose weight but it didn’t work…now I am trying this out…I just been on it a week…I haven’t lost anything but a pound but I will keep u all informed 🙂 hope it works for me!!!!!!!!

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    janice musyoki

    I have never worked out a day in my life. i wanted to shed a few lbs so i commited to working out 3x a week and taking these pills. i have been exercisinf for the past 2 months and taking the pills for 2 weeks now. i have so far gained 5 pounds and i’m utterly disgusted. DO NOT fall for the lies!

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    I purchased this at WalMart on Friday and started on Saturday. It costed around $10. It was the one with Acai Berry. I took 1 in the morning with my breakfast & 1 with my dinner. I didn’t feel ill at all. It curbed my appetite where it was 6:30 and I hadn’t even ate yet and forgot to eat dinner. Energy wise, I’m not sure yet. I didn’t get a burst of energy but I’m not falling asleep either so that’s good. So far I’m really liking them!

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    Hello my name is jenny and my mega-t is brown pills not blue and white and I’m telling you that it did not work for me . I exercise every day and my belly fat is not going anywhere. I have been using this for about 3months and I have not seen any difference in my belly. I have 2 kids and have a lot of tress witch cause belly fat. But when I herd of of mega-t green tea I thought this just might work but no it didn’t what can u do to help me .
    Thank you jenny!

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    Great Product

    I like this pill. I was reading some of the reviews and I must say I think some people are being real extra. Like when they say “now they have dry mouth” have you ever thought its because you don’t or haven’t taken in enough water. Then diarrhea…I haven’t experienced that although for a person like myself who didn’t go to the bathroom maybe once every other day(and that’s a bad thing) I like that the green tea, I have a bowel movement sometimes twice a day, but never diarrhea. I have yet to get on a scale. I eat right and work out 5 time a week between 45 min to 1 hour. I Was reading one review about someonefelt like they was about to fall out and they only 146lbs. My response to them is maybe you’re just out of shape, your weight has nothing to do with it, you and be 110lbs and be out of shape.

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    I bought the Mega Green Tea pills a month ago and during that month I barely saw any results. I exercised everyday and began changing my eating habits. The pills made me get insomnia and I began to have headaches during the day. They did curb my appetite and helped me stay awake. I would NOT recommend these pills. There are much better pills out there that are worth taking.

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    I’ve been on these pills for about 15 days, and so far I’ve seen slight results.. they curb my appetite and help give me an energy to work out every night…my advice for those who are having trouble is, you have to really work at it, it’s not an over night thing, even after 15 days and cutting down and exercising and not loosing at least 5 pounds is okay, because i know if i keep at it, it’ll happen, i have faith in these pills, i’m staring the Acaia ones tomorrow, wish me luck…if we all keep at it, we can shed some poundage 😀

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    I used these pills 2 years ago and with proper diet and exercise I lost 80lbs. I now take them to maintain and they really do help. You just have to want to lose the weight and stay positive.

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    lil' Ms. TT

    blah blah blah…. i want to know does it even work and what are the side effects…… thats the importantes…. also is it heathy

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    I have been using pills for one weeks with no results. Don’t waste your money.

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    i just started this pill yesterday and i already feel a differnce in my attitude and the way i work out. i have more strive to do it.

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    I’ve used Mega-T for over 4 months now & I’ve got to say, I like it. I have more energy than I used to and along with exercising (4-5 days a week) I’ve noticed a difference in my appetite and so far I’ve lost 15lbs and gained muscle and my belly has slimmed quite a bit. I recommend it!!!

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    I took the non capsule form (it can in a cardboard box) worked out for like 2 hrs a day and lost 10 lbs. But when I ran out I went to get more and saw the same brand but in capsule form. Decided to buy it because I was sharing the pills with my boyfriend and the bottle contained waaaay more. I felt funny from day one with the capsules. It only got worse i had a small heart attack everyday from them. I am only 19!!!!! It was terrible. I had no heart problems before. The doctor now tells me to stay away from them. I dont know what happened.

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    The product works if you diet and exercise with it. You can not sit around and lose weight! I lost 25lbs in three months with the help of mega tea green tea.

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    @salma khan the problem with you not overweight thats why its for people who wanna lost and have a weight problem not for people who say im fat so imma get on diet pills no if you overweight get on it n if you not dont mess with the pills seriously !

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    Betty Gerber

    ok so i have read the reveiws of other users and i have to say that i have had an awsome experience taking these. i weighed 272 lbs last year (2010) in march i decided that was not good so i started taking these, i couldnt afford to go to the dr, for anything better and with proper diet and exercise ( i might add that ia ma very busy person and excersise isnt an easy thing for me ) i was wearing a size 20. adn now i am wearing a size 9-10 and weigh 167 lbs! so yes they do work i am proof of that .i have lost 105 lbs in just over a year..i take one in the morning and one in the afternoon.. they just dont always work for everyone some people have different metabolisms.. if i could post a before and after pic i would…

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    I took the mega-T green tea last summer and I never worked out ever but the regular house and yard work along with my job as a waitress. I lost 15 pounds. Now I just had a baby a month ago and Im gonna start it again but Im also going to be doing Zumba classes twice a week. So ill be back with you with positive thinking hopefully.

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    Thank you mega T, not only was i struggling with depression from my weight but i was never happy until i found your diet, at age 15 i weighed 285 pounds and i hated myself, but i found love within from using your cleansing pills, not only did i loose just 115 pounds in a year, i found happiness in myself. heres a picture of me a year ago and me now.

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    Will I lose my butt with mega t green tea? I don’t want to.

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    Nobody needs these products that aren’t safe .! With diet and excercise alone I lost 20 lbs. I went from 160 to 140 in about a month and a half . It takes hard work and time!!! Just try people it feels so much better when you do it without pills or crazy diet trends . I’m 18 and I could do it so can you . Don’t hurt your body with unsafe products . Goodluck .

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    mega green t diet pills have really worked for me I was 160 pounds and got down to 145 pounds in 7 weeks now I am down to 135 pounds you must drink alot of wter with these…

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    X. Garcia

    I am very pleased with the results of this pill, i have been using it for 4 days conbine with excercise daily and a low calorie diet and i have lost 7 pounds. What i like the most of it is the energy boost that give me which helps me work out longer.

    Cons: You will be peeing a lot, so cut down the water intake at night or else you will be waking up every 2 hours to pee at night.

    For those complaining about it, all im going to say is the following:

    First, this is not a magic pill, you need to work out and watch what you eat to loose weight, the pills will help but you have to help yourself first. With that being said, quit stuffing your face with McDonalds!!

    Second, not all supplements works equaly on everybody, what works for me might not work for you.

    Try something else if it does not works for you, quit complaining about how they don’t work when is working for other people.

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    Today is my first day using Mega-T, green tea dietary supplement. Presently, I’m 260 lbs. and my height is 5’9. I’m a diabetic with high blood pressure, and do take medication, and I was a smoker until this weekend as well. However, I stop take all of my medication and stop smoking as of Saturday, November 19th at 12:00 noon. Today is Monday, November, 21, 2011; Today will be my first day of exercise. I will start out walking for a hour, slow pace and will sit in the steamroom for 15 min. This will conclude today’s exercise. Very easy for the first 3 days. My intent is not to workout on Thursday, November 24th and will resume on Friday, November 25th. As far as eating, Yesterday, Sunday, November 20, 2011, I had hot green tea and regular toast for breakfast, which started at 7:30 am, no exercise, however, I went to church and afterwards I had an apple and a hand full of red grapes. At lunch, I had a simple salad, very small. However, I must admit, I was very hungry around 3:00 pm., but I waited to eat dinner around 6:15 pm., That’s very usual for me, because I usually eat around 8:00 pm, in the afternoon. I was a little hungry around 9:30 pm., but instead of eating I had some hot tea and before I went to bed I had a cold glass of water. I must at admit, I didn’t had a taste for a cigerett, well at least not as of yet and I am a heavy smoker. This morning I got up again, took the Mega-T pill around 7:00 am. and had a bowl of oak mill, which I hate, but a small bowl with a little splenda did the trick. Now, it’s about 1:05 pm., and as I’m writing this review, I’m eating a small salad (lettuce, tomatote, with french dressing). alone with a glass of water. After I finish writing this review, I’m off to the gym again. I will continue this study for only 7 days and I will report back regarding my results. Oh, by the way, my blood sugar count is 128, it has never been this low. It usually runs between 268 to 301 daily. When I take my medication, which includes a insulin shot, it normally drops between 201 to 268. See you tomorrow…and pray for me. Thanks….

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    when i first found these pills over a year and a half ago, they were 4.50$ for the 30 pack at target lol and to my concern, they worked pretty well 🙂 i was never really heavy, just wanted to shed my fat a little, and i did ride my bike everyday, so everyone should know that these pills WILL NOT work if you eat badly and dont exercise at all.

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    i meant to put a 5 lol

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    I bought these, completely skeptical about the whole idea. My friend had been taking them and working out he lost so much weight, so I thought I’d give it a go. I have been taking them 3 months now and I went from 298 to 255. I’m sure I could be lower but for the last month I’ve cut out a lot of exercise. EXERCISE, EAT LESS, DRINK TONS OF WATER. I consume at least 50oz of water daily. It’s said that humans need 64oz daily. So, drink water, exercise, stay motivated. I think these helped my motivation so.. it’s worth a try.

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    Several years back my boss took these pills and shed the weight off her. Mind you she had the bottom half of an hour glass figure. But she lost so much weight. So I started taking them I went from 170 down to 159 when I had to stop taking them, due to lack of money, now I started back up and bringing a jug of water with me to work, and barely eatting burgers (Since I work at Hardees) and so far everyones been noticing how much smaller I’m getting!

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    I took this pill for 5 days after which i started to experience tingling and numbness in my hands and aching in my arms and upper legs. I developed a headache and even had some minor blurred vision. I will NOT be taking this anymore because of these symptoms. I’ll just drink regular green tea and continue with my exercise program. Be careful of these pills!!!

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    This past spring 2011, as a means of cleansing my system from the heavy warm winter foods, I started taking Mega T. Prior to take the supplement, I was on the Warrior diet (Fasting from bedtime until 2 or 5p the next day). The only thing I’d have for breakfast was pure hot green tea after my morning workout. However, I wasn’t taking the recommended 2 capsule a day. I was only taking 1, and working out…all in all, I lost 40lb over 5 months. Probably would have lost more had I had a strict diet. I ate healthy, but it could have been healthier. I ran out of the pills, and just bought more today. I could tell I ran out b/c I was giving in to my cravings, which the Mega Tea helped curb my appetite. I’m looking to lose another 20lb before May, and I’ll be where I want to be.

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    Sarah Williams

    Just to let you know my experience with this product (mega-T green tea) has being very good. Lost gradually over 2 years 15 kgs going from 74 to 59 kgs, noticed the effect after 1 month of taking first tablet. Had tried everything else, but these seem to work for me, I didnt feel hungry and had loads more energy for exercising. Hope this helps someone.

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    I have gained weight after taking this pill for the past four days. I was 120lbs. and 5’7″ with lean muscles….I am now 127lbs. and 5’7″…I have been eating well and exercising. Super irritating! Please respond someone.

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    Ive been taking my mega green for two weeks now and notice fast change in my body slimming down. I take my pills 3 x a day as noted along with slimfast twice a day and regular walking. Wont lie excersie isnt my thing. So ill walk to the end of time. Anyway I dont believe slimming down so quick is all in my head. Will follow up in two months.

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    I am looking for the mega tea green tea metabloism booster and i cannot find it.I use to buy it at C.V.S. but they dont carry it anymore.Do you know what store chain carrys i cause ive tried the others and they dont work Loved the the other and lost 20 lbs.Know i seem to be gaining it back.

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    I have been using these pills for 2 days now and I can already see the difference in my appetite. I am not hungry all the time and I crave healthy food

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    Feeling very sick for 8 hours now, second episode like that after taking Mega-T pill. First time I though it was just coincidence, now I am sure, was monitoring very closely. I take only half recommended dose ( 1pill at 11 am), started with nausea, hand tremors and headache with 90 min after taking, migrane and nasea is still not resolved. worst headache I ever had

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    Mega T is one of the worst decisions I ever made I took this just like the directions told me and followed a very healthy diet with exercise 7 days a week and I actually gained weight. Boost metabolism? Yeah right this pill made me not even go to the bathroom for 4 days!! I do NOT reccommend this product to anymore

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    Laura Kay

    The mega-t green tea made me SO sick. I only took one pill and within thirty minutes y ankles were in pain, my stomache had sharp pains every few seconds, and my heartbeat went faster than normal. Be careful when taking this!

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    I’ve been using mega-t green tea for 3 weeks and it most defiantly gives me energy to complete my workout. Plus when I take it 20 mins before my meal, I actually feel fool faster. I’m not extremely over weight however, I have a lot more energy now and have lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks. I have also been eating healthy and exercising 5 days a week. Overall I think this product works well with a good diet and exercise.

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    Jessica ur an inspiration. Ive just starting using them What exercises were u doing?

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    Okay i havent tryed these yet Im 19 and i weigh probley around 270 im hoping to cut down to 170 i would be very happy im hoping these pills will work for me and eating right and excercising(: im exited

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    Yes, amount of weight loss/time depends on many factors, and I’d advise knowing more about your own body and system before embarking on a diet. Mega-T Green Tea is effective, as a booster, and if you curb bread, cheese, greasy foods, pizza, sweets, soft drinks, etc. Stick to healthy stuff as rice, vegetables (all kinds), fish, dark chicken and turkey meat, …. try following the sample diet they give. Don’t like veggies? Oh, you will! Yes, it’s effective if you also do physical activity as swimming, walking, or bike regularly. No, it won’t be affective if (1) mentally, you’re not ready – this is where it begins and makes it work; (2) not willing to give yourself a try; (3) worry about counting calories – that’s not the approach to adapt; and most of all “positive attitude – yes, I can and I will”. Yep, it worked for me and still does. Thanks MTGT

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    I will be starting my pills tomorrow and will let you in on a review afterwards. My sister-in-laws sister has lost alot of weight using this product. My rate will go up after I see the results. Wish me goodluck. And goodluck to those who are trying it also.

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    I have put on about 10 to 15lbs permanetly in the last year, so I just started to take these pills to get back to my normal weight. I have only been taking 1 a day & I take It with my food, even though the directions say to take it 20 mins before, its kind of like if you take a multi vitamin with no food your gonna get sick. So I just take it with my food & then i dont feel nausiated. So far I feel less hungry and more full when I do eat. I have lost 2 lbs this week total! Im not sure if it would be the best for someone trying to lose a large amount of weight.

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    these pills really helped me get really lean and im telling u that was a hellava task for me particully in my thighs. i couldnt believe what this pill did for my body. i was goin out buying all kind of clothes. people, just pray and ask god to show u what will work for your body. everything truly aint for everybody. and for those people who had terrible side affects you just might have underlying health issues that you are not aware of. god bless!

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    it works !
    Idk what wrong with most of your bodies but it does work if you eat right !

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