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Editors’ Rating: 3.8/5 Average User Rating: 4.1/5 The good:Most powerful of the prescription diet pills. Many success stories to prove it stops hunger and boosts energy. The bad:Phentermine is chemically similar to amphetamines, and with that come harsh side effects. The bottom line: Phentermine was the most popular prescription diet pill until Phentramin-d hit the […]

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Editors’ Rating: 3.8/5
Average User Rating: 4.1/5

The good:Most powerful of the prescription diet pills. Many success stories to prove it stops hunger and boosts energy.

The bad:Phentermine is chemically similar to amphetamines, and with that come harsh side effects.

The bottom line: Phentermine was the most popular prescription diet pill until Phentramin-d hit the market to replace it.

New Phentramin-D Replaces Phentermine

Phentermine has proven itself as an effective diet pill. But its chemical similarity to amphetamines means harsh side effects for users – a hefty price to pay for weight loss. Because of the potentially harmful side effects, phentermine is only available with a written prescription from your doctor.

bontril doctorPhentramin-d’s NON-HERBAL formula is scientifically developed to offer stronger energy boost and weight loss without the side effects.

As a result, many doctors are now recommending Phentramin-d to their patients for fast, safe weight loss.

Phentramin-d just hit the market to replace phentermine. This new diet pill is scientifically formulated to be more effective than Phentermine, without any of the side effects.

  • Stronger appetite suppression and energy without the side effects
  • No prior prescription required
  • Next-day Air shipping with UPS

Phentramin-d uses a proprietary formula developed in an FDA-Approved laboratory. This formula is powered by Dimethylpentylamine 1,3 and Trimethylxanthine + 1,3,7 to offer the strongest appetite suppression and energy boost available – more effective than phentermine.

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Phentramin-d Success Stories

Many former Phentermine users have switched to Phentramin-d, and after losing weight successfully, they sent their reviews in to our editors. Some even sent photos of their weight loss. We have posted them below:

gracie's phentramin-d after photophentramin-d gracie before pic

"Phentramin-d is the only non prescription weight loss aid that has ever worked for me and i have tried hoodia, hydroxycut, acai breeze, etc. The best part is i dont get tricked into automatic shipment every month!

I have lost 18 lbs with little effort and look amazing! I recommend this product to anyone, wether you  wanna lose 10 lb or 100 lb this product with help!"

Gracie Cooley
Maryland, USA

Gracie purchased a 3 Month Supply of Phentramin-d

cindy's before photodiana's after picture with phentramin-d

"Since using Phentramin-D I have lost over 25 pounds and feel great! I share this with all my friends, finally something that works for women that have started life changes and the weight is such a struggle to take off and yet manage to keep it off… This product works and I am proof… Thanks Phentramin-D."

Cindy Wade
Florida, USA

Cindy purchased a 2 Month Supply of Phentramin-d

Read more reviews…

What is Phentermine?

Like most of the weight loss products currently on the market these days, Phentermine’s primary purpose is to help suppress your appetite so that you don’t feel the need to eat all day. All of the crazy food cravings and obsessions that you have throughout the day are said to be a thing of the past if you decide to lose weight with Phentermine.


What’s the catch, you say? Well, unfortunately – there is a catch. Not only does Phentermine require a prescription from a doctor, but it also comes with potentially unpleasant side effects that include (but are certainly not limited to): dizziness, crazy mood swings (I’ve heard friends call it the b*tch pill!), headaches, restlessness, upset stomach, impotence, dry mouth, diarrhea, sleeplessness, constipation, changes in the sex drive, and nervousness.

Phentermine Side Effects

Obviously, none of these side effects sound very appealing, and when you combine this with the fact that you actually have to go through all of the work that goes along with getting a weight loss prescription from a doctor, well, you’re not really left with an option that could be considered the best on the block.

Alternatives to Phentermine Diet Pills

Luckily for you though, there is an solution to this dilemma. The solution comes in the form of a new weight loss drug called Phentramin-D. Basically, what Phentramin-D offers is all of the weight loss and metabolism benefits from Phentermine and all of the other weight loss drugs on the market, but with the added benefits of not having to get a prescription OR worry nearly as much about all of the side effects.

While it may sound too good to be true, it is most certainly not, and even has many of the experts in the industry proclaiming that this could change the weight loss market forever!

Evidence presented suggests that neither Phentermine or Adipex, Tenuate or Bontril are worth the time or effort that it takes to procure them via a prescription. Add to this the fact that Phentramin-D is just as effective and has all of the benefits without the side effects – and what you’ve got is a pretty clear decision.

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    I got bad headaches several times a week, but I worked hard and was able to lose 40 pounds in the 2 months my doc gave me phentermine!

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    I started taking the 37.5 mg Phentermine pills on 8/20/09. Today is 8/31/09 and so far I have lost 7 lbs. This didn’t come with a small price to pay either! The side effects of this drug are not worth it. I constantly feel buzzed, dizzy and anxious all day long. I have no energy and stay in a sluggish state almost all day. Of course I have the dry mouth like everyone else…but the paranoid feeling, the nausea and jittery feelings are NOT FUN! I even started having abnormal vaginal bleeding which is common, but NOT a listed side effect. I am calling my doctor today, who has been on vacation, and letting him know how I’ve been feeling. I just don’t feel normal anymore. PLEASE, rethink this “miracle” diet pill before you decide to take it. Research it and read the reviews that are already out there. If you could increase your exercise more and cut back your calorie intake to about 1500 per day (which is what was recommended to me while using phentermine) you could loose weight without all the hassle!!

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    I too started taking phenermine 37.5. I lose approximantly 5-7 lbs per week. Unfortunately I will be stopping the medications after experiencing severe vaginal bleeding and cramping. Since the dr is unable to stop the bleeding, I will be undergoing and emergency hysterectomy. I believe diet meds have their place but this pill is dangerous!

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    I got sore’s in my mouth and lip. Dry mouth. The sore’s were white round circle.

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    does it cause you to be all gittery and lose sleep and have dry mouth like phentermine? does it have a money back guarantee?

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    As I am on my last month on Phentermine (you are only supposed to stay on it for 3 months) and VERY upset that it is my last months supply, I am looking for another diet pill to help me lose my last 30 lbs. I have to say that Phentermine, for me, was the BEST thing my Dr. could have ever done for me. She was VERY reluctant to put me on it but after running tests on me and determining I was a good candidate, she did. I started off at Weight Watchers and lost ALOT of weight but then my hormones and metabolism decided to kick in and then NOTHING for 3 months and I mean nothing, Couldn’t even lose an ounce. That is when I went to the dr. My first 3 days on the pill, I lost 4 lbs. Yes, Phentermine has the dry mouth and yes, it causes you insomnia but when you are DESPERATE to lose the weight and you are excited to see it come off, to me, sleeplessness was a small price to pay. But because Phentermine does give you energy, you are not dragging the next day due to that sleepliness, so it isn’t too bad. I actually like the energy it gives you. I will miss that. And between going to WW and learning to eat better and Phentermine’s ability to deplete your hunger, dieting was a snap. What I wrote above is coming from a middle aged, no metabolism, overweight most all my life individual who has had weight issues since my teens. NOTE THOUGH that it REALLY REALLY works if you work out. I jog on the treadmill 3-4 times a week and that is when you REALLY see the weight disappear. Phentermine works w/o exercise in the beginning but like anything your body gets used to whatever your doing and then it stops working. But it does continue to work if you work out plus it gives you the energy after a long day at work to do that workout. That is what I will miss. Since I got this pill I have nick named it “my little blue diet pill” and I love it. But since I cannot get it anymore, I will try the Phentramin-d and see how that goes. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE WHO IS ON EITHER OF THESE TWO PILLS.

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    I have been on phentermine since 9-9-11 and I’m down 10lbs! I had little headache the first week but after that I haven’t had any headaches and I use to get at least 2-3 a week. I have a thyroid problem and was feel so dead even being on thyroid pills but since I started taking phentermine I feel like me again! And after reading a lot of other people’s reviews I was worried I wouldn’t sleep but I have been getting the best sleep! Only side affect I have had was dry mouth and little moodiness (easily irritated from time to time). Over all I feel so much better and can’t wait to lose more weigh!!

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    Made me very sick and caused vaginal bleeding. They really should have had this listed as a side effect.

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    Helped me lose 30 lbs. But definitely made me a crazy b in the process and caused major drymouth and almost no sex drive.

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