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How does Xenadrine Work? If you want to slash that extra pounds, Xenadrine will do the work. It is a diet pill formulated to lose weight and boost you up. Formulated by Cytodine Technologies, this pill is a fat burner. It increases body heat and helps eliminate fats form specific body areas. Its formulation can […]

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How does Xenadrine Work?
If you want to slash that extra pounds, Xenadrine will do the work. It is a diet pill formulated to lose weight and boost you up. Formulated by Cytodine Technologies, this pill is a fat burner. It increases body heat and helps eliminate fats form specific body areas. Its formulation can also speed up metabolism, which help increase the calorie expenditure of the body. Xenadrine comes in two kinds. The Xenadrine RFA-1 is doctor prescribed and Xenadrine EFX is non-prescriptive. Both pills are stated to be an effective weight loss pill. Xenadrine RFA-1 is ephedra-based and Xenadrin EFX does not have ephedra content but has also all ?natural ingredients to sustain weight reduction.

Can Xenadrine live upto its own hype? Let’s do a realistic Xenadrine Review and find out!

Ingredient Highlights
Xenadrine RFA-1 active ingredients include the herb Ma Huang or commonly known as ephedrine which enables the body to burn fat more easily. It has guarana, which is rich in caffeine and reported to be a stimulant. The other main ingredients are ginger root, willow bark extract, and others. The other one is Xenadrine EFX. The active ingredients include green tea extract, which contains antioxidant properties that provides therapeutic qualities, guarana, seropro, tyroplex, ginger root also a good dietary supplement, yerba mate, grape seed extract and isotherm, calcium tribasic, DMAE, dl-Methionine and L-Theanine. Basically, both contain almost the same ingredients except for ephedrine. It provides the same weight reduction effects without ephedrine.

Results You May Expect:
Xenadrine, depending on the dosage level needs to be taken 3-4 times every morning before breakfast and in the middle of the afternoon. It is reported to be an effective weight loss pill that shows dramatic effect in just two weeks. It can shave off almost 10-20 pounds in a short period of time. The capsule will regulate the body until it is adjusted based on the dosage. It boosts metabolism and increase the level of energy, which burns fat faster.

Side Effects to Watch Out for:
? It decreases weight because it acts as a Xenadrine acts as a stimulant.
? It can increase sweating and thirsts for water.
? It can trigger stress symptoms like anxiety and lack of sleep.
? Adverse side effects based on Xenadrine review includes increase in heart rate, shaking and increase in blood pressure.

The Verdict:

Xenadrine is an effective fat burner. It is a weight loss supplement that helps a person decrease weight with the help of proper diet and exercise. To achieve the desired result, the person has to do some workout and burn off the calories to lose weight faster. The average price is $ 20-40 dollars based on a monthly supply. Xenadrine originally contains ephedra, which is determined to be a harmful weight loss compound. Since then, Xenadrine has been reformulated to provide safety for the consumers. Is Xendarine worth a try? No. The availability of the product online and in retail stores is common. However, there are no trial samples and no money back guarantee for most sites. The product no longer contains ephedrine, a component halted by the FDA due to certain health risks it displayed. Still, Xenadrine?s availability on the market might have been affected by the prohibition that took place before. If you are on a budget and still hopeful about the quality of the product it is your choice.




    Hanna R.

    Initially, I was planning to purchase Xenadrine since they’re becoming popular as an effective fat burner. But when I’ve found out that there weren’t any trial samples, I backed out. I didn’t want to waste money for something like it. Since I heard that it also had several side effects, I was also scared to try it. I just resorted to proper diet and exercise. Well, it took some time before I could adjust with such lifestyle but at least it saved me from being worried about my health.

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    Miles Preston

    Buying Xenadrine was a huge risk for me. Since it didn’t offer any samples for trial or something, I was quite uncertain about it. But eventually, I just decided to purchase it since I was already getting frustrated with my weight. I used to weigh around 120 lbs but then I just suddenly ballooned to a 150 because of my depression. It was really insane. Using Xenadrine for almost three months, I actually lost more than 5 kilograms. However, I didn’t really like the side effects. Well, it made me jittery and seriously thirsty most of the time. I decided to switch since someone recommended me a product with no side effects at all.

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    paula d

    At first, I was really interested with this product because it was getting totally popular that time. I wasn’t that fat at all but I wanted to lose the fat in my tummy. Since it was almost the summer season that time, I really wanted to get ready for the beach. I badly wanted to wear a two-piece swimsuit. However, our neighbour was hospitalized because of Xenadrine. Since she was really a big lady, I think she got frustrated with her weight. Since Xenadrine has always been really affordable and can be purchased easily, I think she was really tempted to buy. Anyway, I think she forgot that this product can seriously increase blood pressure and heart rate. Since she?s already in her early 40?s, her body system wasn’t able to cope up with the components. Oh well, I hope she?s alright because most people in our neighbourhood are quite worried already. I also decided not to buy this one anymore since I also got scared. After all, I don’t want to be hospitalized for such petty reasons. I also warned my girl friends not to use this one anymore since I knew that they were also interested to use Xenadrine.

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    I do not know about you guys but based on my experience, Xenadrine worked for me. I was able to lose my excess weight and I was glad that it removed my love handles! I also didn’t experience any adverse effects so I guess the effects really differ per person.

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    Vina Demockovic

    My neighbor, who apparently is my sister?s best friend, was rushed to the hospital last night because she fainted while cleaning their living room. The doctor said that my sister?s best friend was too preoccupied with cleaning that she has forgotten to eat her lunch, which caused her to suddenly black out. The doctor asked if she?s taking a pill or why she has forgotten to eat her meal. She honestly said that she?s taking Xenadrine for about 3 weeks and that she doesn’t want to eat a lot because she wanted to lose weight for summer. The doctor told her that it not bad to take diet pills as long as you regularly eat your food and exercise moderately. She then realized how to take care of herself better. I think she will be out of the hospital tomorrow. And for me, I am still thinking if I would recommend this pill to my friends or not.

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    B. Murry

    Xenadrine is very effective, but a very harsh pill! It elevates your heart rate. Think about it, you’re sitting down and your hearts racing as if you’re on a run. Not good! I often experienced chest pains & lack of sleep due to Xenadrine. As I said, it is very effective, so I took it for about 4 months. When I stopped taking it, my body went weak I threw up over & over again as if I was quitting a hardcore drug or something! Please. BE CAREFUL!

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