Walking For Weight Loss

Walking For Weight Loss

Walking is one of the best exercises for anyone. It’s important for overall good health and it’s a simple thing that just about anyone can do. It’s also a good idea for people who are trying to lose weight, because they might not be able to do that much actual exercise.

Does Walking Help Everyone Lose Weight?

If someone is a little heavy he can probably still do most things, but for the morbidly obese even walking can be a struggle. If those people can still walk and are not bedridden, though, walking is one of the easiest and safest ways for them to begin to lose weight and regain some of their strength so that they can help themselves get healthy again. A lot of people do need help to regain a normal weight, but walking is something that they can start doing on their own, or they can walk with a partner or friend who is able to encourage them.

Preparing For Walking

When you plan to start walking, it’s not necessary (or wise) to jump right into it without any planning. That can be dangerous and can cause you harm in the form of pulled muscles or more serious issues. Instead, have a plan for how you want to handle things.

Stretch First

Make sure you stretch first. If you aren’t sure what kinds of stretching exercises you can and should do, there are many resources that can help you find exercises that you’ll be comfortable with and that will keep you from getting hurt. If you get injured walking – and you certainly can if you’re not careful – you might not be able to do it for a while, and that will really derail your weight loss plans. In addition to stretching, you’ll want to choose some sensible walking shoes.

Treat Yourself To New Shoes

Don’t buy cheap tennis shoes because they’re on sale. Treat yourself to actual walking shoes to help your comfort level and ability to walk farther, as well as to reduce your risk of injury.

Maximizing Your Walking Weight Loss

Walk a little more slowly right at first so you can warm up, then walk faster to get actual exercise, then slow down again to cool down. You might only want to walk for fifteen or twenty minutes total the first few times because you’ll need to build your stamina and strength up, especially if you don’t get any regular exercise or haven’t been exercising in quite a while.

Stepping it up…

You can walk faster and farther over a several-week period as you build up strength and start to shed pounds. Be sure to rehydrate, too, because weight loss from dehydration isn’t really weight loss. It’s just fluid loss, which can be very unhealthy and can make you tired and run-down. Instead of dealing with that, make sure that you get enough liquid and remember that you have to eat even though you’re trying to lose weight.

Exercise burns calories, so eat sensibly so you’ll have energy to get out there and walk. If you have trouble controlling your portions and/or getting motivated to walk, get a friend or family member to help you so you’ll have some encouragement. That’s a great way to better enjoy and even jumpstart your weight loss.